Headshot of James Davis standing in a dress shirt and coat with lights in the background.

James Davis

Founder & President

Touchdown Strategies Founder, James Davis, is a highly effective communicator with a strategic approach to molding public opinion and driving positive outcomes through traditional and non-traditional media, subject matter experts, and opinion leaders. He has advised major corporations, family businesses, NGOs, and government and philanthropic leaders around the world.

Before founding Touchdown Strategies, James spent seven years as a senior executive with the Stand Together community. He led teams to advance major advocacy campaigns that achieved once-in-a-generation policy wins, including veterans’ health care, and criminal justice and federal tax reforms. Davis continues to serve on the board of directors for Americans for Prosperity, the largest grassroots organization in the country.

Over the last decades, James has helped shape some of the world’s most notable events. He served as a key advisor to BP during the 2010 “Deepwater Horizon” response and recovery, spearheaded communications for the Pentagon under Secretaries of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and Robert Gates and co-authored the strategic communications plan for the “Surge of Forces” in Iraq.

James also worked on dozens of winning political campaigns, served as communications director for the 2012 Republican National Convention, and guided a nationwide campaign to help neighbors reduce poverty and addiction.

James’ thoughtful approach has credited him with numerous awards and accolades, including PRWeek’s 40 Under 40, Campaign and Elections Rising Stars, and multiple Pollie awards for advertising campaigns.