Headshot of Joel Walker standing in a black shirt in a wooded area

Joel Walker

Senior Vice President of Digital and Creative Services

Joel, a veteran of the digital and creative space, brings a breadth of knowledge and depth of experience to Touchdown Strategies. He has worked across many major industries building strategy, finding audiences, and telling stories. After a start in journalism as a TV news anchor/reporter/producer, Joel went back to school to study film making at the University of Texas at Austin. After graduation he moved to Hollywood with positions in development at Fox Broadcasting and production on the lot at Disney. From there Joel made the jump to short form content in the luxury space working with brands like Lamborghini, The Waldorf Astoria, and LVMH. His sense of adventure still not satisfied, he moved to San Francisco to experience the tech world. After working in-house creating content for Airbnb, he got the startup bug of his own, co-founding and exiting a content creation app. Joel joins Touchdown Strategies to lead the new Digital and Creative Services team. What to some would seem an unusual career path has given him the unique set of skills required to lead creative, strategy, production, and digital marketing all at once.


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